Dan Craig was born and raised in the Southern California. Dan worked for Volkswagen of America for 31 years.  He was a District Manager for Volkswagen in Sales, Service and Parts for the majority of his career.  Dan was the Western Region Distribution Manager when he retired in 2004. 

He is self-trained in computers.  In 1993 Volkswagen began using computers for their field reps and Dan was the Western Region representative for every pilot program that Volkswagen started.  Dan was part of the National Training Team for computers and enjoys learning new PC technology and teaching others. 

Dan and his wife Lori moved to Apple Valley in December 2006. Dan is a member of the community Motorcycle Club and is the Zone 13 Manager for the Community Emergency Response Team. Dan has been a member of the SAVCC for 7 years and served as the President for 1 1/2 years.

Mary is one of our newest Board Members.  She joined the Board in January 2018 and her willingness to assist the Board is appreciated.  Mary is a native Californian, who graduated from San Gabriel High, then had the pleasure of living with and getting to know her family back in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  She attended Housatonic Community College for 2 years and returned to California.   Some of her varying jobs have included being a head bank vault teller, secretary for a mortuary, elementary school instructional aide for 8 years, resident house manager for Christian homes; Stepping Stones for Women in Covina and then Tender Life in Ventura.  Both of the homes took in homeless women who had children or who were pregnant.  One of her most eye opening experiences, was being one of twelve, on a mini mission trip to Ecuador.  The loves of her life are her 3 children, 7 grandchildren and last, but definitely not least, the joy of the Lord.  Mary loves to laugh, hopes to make working out her #1 hobby and to become computer savvy.  She encourages you to "Keep attending computer class, we have lots of laughter and fun, even when our brains are on overload!”

Colin McGregor was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and studied at Napier University in Edinburgh whilst working for an aerospace company involved in the design of inertial navigation systems for the European Tornado multi-role combat aircraft.

In 1973 he married Evelyn and they moved to Canada and he worked in the telecommunications industry for 3 years and then the electronic sign business for 28 years. In 1978 they became Canadian citizens.

In 2004 Colin joined a sign company based in Europe to develop a North American subsidiary in Canada and the United States. In 2012 the operation was consolidated in New Jersey and they moved to the US and became residents.

In 2014 they retired and moved to their new home in Apple Valley.

Dan Madsen - Photography Instructor

In 1983, he bought an Apple 2e for a ridiculous price!  After the 2e became obsolete,  he built a PC using XT, DOS and Basic. In 2011, he purchased Apple products but still uses his PC’s to keep up with Windows and helping his neighbors on Lynbrook Rd since 2007. Al’s sweetheart, Margaret, have between them 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Al is an avid table tennis player, enjoys photography, loves good music of most genres and gets a buzz trading equities. He appreciates a good sense of humor,  likes to breathe and says “God bless this community and the people in it….

 President-Manager of the Bank’s Commercial Realty Department. Retirement years have been spent in the California communities of San Marino, Montecito, Upland and ultimately settling in Apple Valley. Walter and Heidi recently celebrated their 54th Wedding Anniversary and are enjoying the leisure life at Dell Webb’s Sun City-Apple Valley.  When not golfing, they travel the Western States and Canada in their motor home. Walter & Heidi state their most favorite place is, Death Valley National Park. Walter & Heidi are members of the Death Valley ‘49ers, with Walter serving as the organizations Secretary, Vice President and ultimately in 2009 President.

Joan Mulcare -  Instructor and advisor

Al Churgin - Treasurer, Instructor and

Computer maintenance

RG Hill arrived in Southern California from Pennsylvania 1956.  Spent 5 years on fire department city of Torrance.  Spent the next 25 years as a nite club owner, great experience met so many interesting entertainers and people.  Served 4 years as member of board of directors for Academy of Country Music.  Sold my nite clubs, moved to Northern California and pursued my passion in life as a horse ranch owner where we bred, raised, trained and showed horses across the country for the next 25 years.  Along the way I was president of 3 different clubs and served on the boards of several more.  But time and youth ran out and health reasons forced the dispersal of my ranch holding and move closer to my family in the Victor Valley.

Dan Craig - PC Instructor and Board member 

Genealogy Class Instructor 

David Ellison - Board Member

Dan was born in Washington DC during WWII, but raised in California, mostly in Vista. He served 2 years in the US Army during the Vietnam War. During that time, through a series of fortuitous events, he was chosen to serve one year as a full-time Army photographer. Since then he has been an enthusiastic picture taker. After military service he taught in Pasadena, California, preschools then, after graduating from California State University, Los Angeles, he taught for 31 years in Los Angeles Unified School District.

After teaching of mostly middle school English for more than 15 years he transitioned to technology integration. Along the line he earned a Masters Degree in Education with a focus on Technology. After struggling with an early IBM and an Apple IIC he got a Macintosh LC in 1991 and that was the beginning of long involvement educational technology in general and with Apple technology in particular. Dan enjoys exercise and music, among other hobbies. He is a member of a barbershop harmony chorus, The Hi-Country Harmonaires and a barbershop quartet, Harmonology.

Don McAllister grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA with a PhD from the Graduate School of Management in Urban Land Economics.  He taught Urban Planning at UCLA in the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and wrote a book, “Evaluation in Environmental Planning”, published by MIT Press. 

Don also has a Masters Degree from Loyola Marymount University, and worked as a Counseling Psychologist, from which he retired twelve years ago. He has two children and two grandchildren, all of whom live in the Los Angeles Area.  

These days Don enjoys playing piano with the Solera Swing Band, which he founded at Del Webb in 2007, and doing family history research.

Walter was born and raised in the Sunny Southern Okanogan community of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. The family moved to Southern California in the early 1950’s, where he attended Van Nuys High School and graduated from Diablo Valley College. Walter married his wife Heidi in 1959, while he was serving with the 4th Armored Division in Nüremburg, Germany. They have three sons and five grandchildren.

Walter’s military career, from private to NCO, was with the 4th Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas and Nüremburg/Fürth Germany from 1957 to 1960. Walter was recalled to active duty during the Berlin Crisis of 1961. This time he was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington as an NCO Cadre with the 968th GAS Company.

After a lengthy banking career with Security Pacific National Bank, retirement came in 1991. During his 29+ years with SPNB, Walter had various statewide positions as branch manager, vice president of commercial lending and ultimately First Vice

Kathy VanVelzen - Vice-President, Mac, iPad/iPhone Instructor and Webmaster

Lynn Oberhelman -  Former PC Instructor and former Board member

Mary Awe -  Former Vice-President

Robert Ross -  former Advanced Photography Instructor and member of this group

Robert was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. In his youth, he showed a talent for drawing which led family members to say that he was destined to be an artist. During his early years he developed his eye and artistic talents. Robert was drafted in 1964 and was able to turn his artistic eye to photography. During his tour in Korea he started experimenting with photography during his non active hours. At that time he had a PetriFlex5 Japanese made camera. Soldiers had clubs where Robert joined in the arts and crafts club and got the “photo bug” going with a few buddies. He continued taking pictures pictures in Soul Korea until 1966 when he arrived home. Once back in the US, Robert started work with United Parcel Service and worked with them for 38 years. During that time he continued his interest in photos as a freelance photographer taking night classes at Beverely Hills High School and Tri Community Photo School of Orange County. Most of Robert’s photography experience was developed on vacations because he enjoys taking landscapes and seascapes with a special love of ghost towns. Presently he shares his knowledge and artistic eye with his community and family. He really enjoys taking shots of pool playing. We are lucky to have Robert’s talents to share here in Sun City.

Lou Adler - Secretary

Sharon Gollmyer - Board Member

Kathy VanVelzen was raised in the Apple Valley and graduated from California State University at Fullerton with a Masters Degree in Special Education. Kathy worked her entire career for San Bernardino County Schools as a special educator, specializing in how technology can improve the education and lives of individuals with special needs.

Kathy was involved in writing grants, advocating on committees and presenting computer workshops as a mentor for other instructors of special need students. A major event in her life was being a presenter at the International Technology and Disabilities Conference presented yearly in San Diego.

After retiring her main interests have been in the area of technology and digital photography making yearly memories on DVD for her family. Kathy has been a member of the SAVCC for 7 years and has served on the board for over 4 years.

Colin McGregor - Former PC Instructor a

Former Board Member

Mary Deavilan - Board Member

Instructors and Board members

RG Hill - Board Member

Lynn Oberhelman was an Iowa farm boy until age 14 when he moved to a ‘big city’ of about 27,000 and got his 1st job at a hobby shop.  Lynn became interested in photography while still in grade school and went on to work for a photography studio during his Sr. year in high school. Though primarily a sales job, Lynn was also trained as one of the studio’s wedding photographers and did limited portrait work in addition to his sales responsibilities.

He left the studio to take his 1st road sales job in 1968 then was promoted to a more responsible position with Royal Typewriter Co. and transferred to Los Angeles in 1969. He continued his sales career with a job at Brother International Corp. where he worked for 36+ years until his retirement & relocation to Apple Valley. Lynn became interested in computers in the early 80’s and bought the 1st Macintosh model produced in 1984, later moving on to PC’s. His computer skills came from lots of reading plus trial & error. He has been active with SAVCC for 11 years and is a former SAVCC board member.

Evelyn McGregor – Former PC Instructor

Walter Hodgson - Former Beloved President and Instructor

Rich Norton was raised in California and graduated from California Baptist College in Riverside where he majored in math, minored in science and took education classes. Rich started teaching in California before being drafted into the U. S. Army during the Vietnam War. Following Army basic training, he finished out his 2 years at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland where he worked as a statistics assistant and served in the Honor Guard.

Rich remained at Aberdeen as a civilian mathematician before marrying Nancy and before returning to teaching. Taking advantage of the GI Bill, he then got a Masters Degree in Elementary Education.

It was in the 1970's that Rich learned to program personal computers using BASIC. He taught middle school math and science in New Jersey for 17 years before returning to California. Rich taught middle school math and computers in Ridgecrest for 20 years. In 2006, he retired, moved to Sun City Apple Valley, joined the SAV Computer Club, and has been active as a SAVCC instructor and Board member. The Norton's have been married for 50 years and have 3 children and 5 granddaughters.

Dan Madsen - former Instructor

Rich Norton - President and Webmaster  

Evelyn was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1973 she married Colin McGregor and together they moved to new opportunities in Ontario, Canada. During her time in Canada, Evelyn worked for two of the major chartered banks, before starting her own business, which she managed for 25 years, under the name of MCG Associates.

The company did contract work teaching accounting software and business management. In 2005 one of Evelyn’s clients was the company Colin worked for and in 2012 the company consolidated their Canadian and USA divisions and both Colin and Evelyn moved to New Jersey.  Colin as the Vice President and Evelyn as the Chief Financial Officer. They both retired in November 2014 and moved to Apple Valley, California.

Mary K. Awe was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. She worked briefly for the U. S. Government; then as a secretary for various attorneys. After moving to California in 1978, she did contract work for accountants and attorneys until starting her own word processing business, MKA Professional Service, in 1986. Her business clients were primarily attorneys, for whom she did corporate, litigation, probate and trust documents, and also did business with Honda Corporation. In the late 90s, she did contract work with Ernst & Young, until becoming a full time caregiver for her aging parents. 

Her computer experience began in 1978 on a variety of word processing equipment; her word processing business used a PC with dos, Microsoft Word and Dbase IV. Her experience with Windows, Excel and PowerPoint was honed at Ernst & Young. While a PC person for many years, disenchantment with Microsoft forced a change to Mac and, of course, iPad.  She joined the Computer Club in late 2011 and an errant arm-raise elevated her to the unchallenged position of Club President. Her love of all things "computer" continues to fuel her education about them.

Joan Mulcare was raised in Torrance, California and after serving six years in the US Navy and attending various colleges in California and Hawaii, graduated from Cal State San Bernardino with a degree in Health Administration and Environmental Health Science.  

Joan started working for the San Bernardino County Department of Environmental Health Services in 1984, she worked in all department programs retiring as a Division Chief in 2008. In 2009 she came out of retirement and took a position as Director of the County of Merced Environmental Health Services Department and then in 2010 decided that retirement was more fun and retired once again. 

She discovered a love of technology in the 80's and was very involved in planning and implementing computers and other technology based programs in her work career.  Retirement interests include anything Apple, RVing, swimming, ocean water sports, wood working, gardening, photography and spoiling her grandson.