​Who may Join?  

Membership in SAVCC is open to all residents of Sun City Apple Valley.  

What is the cost?  

New and existing members may join for $20 per calendar year.  The annual membership cost for 2019 is a single $20 fee. Please make checks payable to SAVCC. The club also accepts cash, but does not normally have change on hand. A receipt will be issued. Information that we ask of new members is your name, phone number, and email address.  There is a grey payment box in the Aspen foyer for the purpose of receiving membership dues and information.

Are there meetings that I may attend without joining?  

All General Meetings may be attended without joining SAVCC and your attendance at the General Meetings is encouraged. There are classes that are open to all Sun City and require no membership nor fees.  One regular class can be attended by non-members at no cost or by paying the yearly $20 membership fee for access to all classes. 

Do some classes require additional fees?  

No, all classes are included in the $20, annual membership fee.

How does the club spend the membership dues?  

Membership dues are spent on the following:  New PC keyboards and mice to attach to new Apple Macintosh computers, extended warranties for new laptops, Windows operating systems for new laptops, website,  and for incidental expenses as needed.