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General Meeting Minutes  12-12-19 #3.pdf


Meeting called to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Rich passed around a card for Nancy & Paul Wilkerson.  Nancy taught a Genealogy Class for the Computer Club for a good number of years.  They are moving to Arizona and are putting their house up for sale.  Also, they are one of the reasons that Rich moved to Solera.  

SAVCC General Meeting Minutes for the September 12 General Meeting were mailed out and posted on the SAVCC website.   SAVCC Board Meeting Minutes for October 1, 2019 were mailed by Lou on October 2, 2019.

Treasurers Report by Al Churgin             September          October                             
Beginning Balance                                        $3739.24            $3380.10        
Income from Dues/Dividend                               40.86                  40.00
Expenses (Party deposit in Sep)                      400.00                    0.00
Ending Balance                                              $3380.10            $3420.10    
Total Paid Members                                              79                       81    
Phyllis questioned why the Computer Club was able to keep such a high checking account balance.     Rich explained that in the years past the Computer Club was responsible for purchasing new computers, maintenance for updates, Deep Freeze and other misc. parts and supplies, none of which is cheap.   The Computers now belong to the HOA so the Club's expenses have been drastically reduced and its checking account balance will reflect this in the coming year.

No new first time attendees were present.--- Rich talked about the on going Thanksgiving Food Drive for 75 needy families in the Victor Valley and advised that the Computer Board had made a commitment to contribute 50 Boxes of  Stuffing.   This is in partnership with Heritage Medical Group and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.
The 50 boxes of stuffing were delivered to the clubhouse on November 7

Rich posted the SAVCC Web page and showed the current Board and Instructors and then talked about the 2020 Board nominations for these positions.     The nominated Board consists of a President- Rich Norton,   Vice President- Kathy VanVelzen,   Treasurers- Al Churgin,  Secretary- Lou Adler and 5 Directors- Lynn Oberhelman,  RG Hill,  Mary Deavilan, Dan Craig and David Ellison.    The board will consist of not less than 3 or more that 9 Members.  Sharon Gollmyer volunteered to be nominated for a Director position next year.
Instructors Robert Ross, Kathy Van Velzen and Dan & Lori Craig will all be retiring the end of this year leaving the club without Instructors for 2020.   Rich posted the 2020 Class and Meeting Schedule for next year to show the drastic cut to the clubs  schedule and he explained that this is why the 2020 Computer Club dues will be reduced to $10.00 next year.
The Advanced Digital Photography class will survive by Robert, Dan and Kathy teaming up to keep it going.    Tech Help Workshop will still be available also, Board & General Meetings will still continue next year with some Specialty Classes scheduled for the full year..

The Question of how safe is it and how to get a free credit report using the computer?
Rich explained that when you get on the computer to get to a specific website you have to be very cautious what you click on.  Make sure that it is the correct link by reading from start to finish before clicking and opening the link and proceeding to enter any information.   The safest way to protect you credit is with a Free Credit Freeze.   Be careful when you receive e-mails that ask you personal or leading questions.  When you are asked to open links that you are not familiar with, hover over the address to try to confirm it is who they claim they are.     CAUTION     CAUTION     CAUTION-----

Al asked if he could hold a 5 minute Computer Trivia Question Quiz at the Computer Christmas Dinner.    He then gave a quick sampling of how he would ask a question and the audience would guess the answer.    It went over  well with the group so expect some more  at the Christmas Dinner.

Meeting Adjourned   10:20 A.M.                              Lou Adler      Sec.


SAVCC GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Thursday September 12, 2019 9:30 A.M.     

Meeting called to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rich gave recognition to first time attendee Diane Atkeson. All SAVCC Board Officers names and titles were posted on the screen followed by the names of all Instructors. Next the June 13th. SAVCC General Meeting Minutes Minutes were posted . 

Al Churgin gave the Treasurers Report.    June               July            August                                       
Beginning Balance                                   $3784.68        $3805.54        $3734.24
Income from Dues/Dividend                          20.86              40.00                5.00
Expenses                                                           0.00             111.30               0.00
Ending Balance                                         $3805.54         $3734.2         $3739.24
Total Paid Members June 30, 2019 75 77 77

September and October Computer Classeswere posted and Rich advised that the Class Scheduled for these months had some changes made and the spindle in front of the Aspen Front Desk would have all the Flyers with the Current Schedule and upcoming classes posted weekly. The next Tech Help Workshop would be October 17th. Then again after the next General Meeting November 14th.

Questions & Comments:  Rich said that the SAVCC Christmas Party was proceeding as planned and that the club was in the process of sending a second installment check in the next 5/6 days. Further info would be made available a couple of weeks after the next October 1st. Board Meeting.

Rich announced that Kathy brought some goodies to snack on and then the remainder of allotted time would be used for the Tech Help Workshop.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:45 A.M. Lou Adler Sec.


SAVCC General Meeting Minutes    Thursday, June 13, 2019   9:30 a.m.
Meeting called to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance
Minutes; April 11 General Meeting Minutes were posted on the SAVCC Website April 15th. 2019
Kathy gave recognition to first time Attendees.    All SAVCC Board Members names and titles were posted on the screen followed by the names of all Instructors.   Directors RG Hill & Davis Ellison are a little bit under the weather and Kathy wishes them a speedy recovery.
Treasurers Report; Al Churgin gave the treasurers Report.
                                       April                           May
Beginning Balance           $3644.68                   $3764.68
Income-Dues/Divivend         120.00                          20.00
Expenses                                 0.00                            0.00
Ending Balance                $3764.68                    $3784.68
Paid Members 2019               73                               74

Kathy gave a brief explanation as to why the club carried such a high account balance which is for Computer Softwear, Updates & Licenses and Equipment, not to mention that the Board is thinking about a nice Catered Christmas Dinner?     Lynn advised that Microsoft will stop supporting some of the older versions of Microsoft Office and that the Club will have to consider this at the September 10 Board Meeting and either update the License or upgrade to Microsoft  Office 365.   He will gather some info on the subject for the next Board Meeting.   Sharon asked if it would be possible to get a Bulk Subscription rate which is something that could be looked into.

Kathy talked about the remaining June Classes and upcoming July Classes.    The next Tech Help Workshop will be August 15th. and the next General Meeting will be September 12th.

Kathy showed a short video which starred Ellen Degeneras called Internet Password Minder and was quite true and comical.   Rather than tell what it was about i urge you to attend one of her classes or the next General Meeting and she will show it again. It is funny and worth seeing!

Meeting adjourned at 9:53 a.m.                 Lou Adler     Sec.
Home Made Snacks by Kathy followed by the Tech Help Workshop for the remaining alloted time. Thank you Kathy!


SAVCC General Meeting Minutes   Thursday, Apr 11, 2019 9:30 a.m.
Meeting called to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rich gave recognition to the new members attending the General Meeting.
Minutes: February 14 General Meeting minutes were posted on February 16th. On the SAVCC Website.
Rich posted the names and position of the SAVCC Board Members as well as the Class Instructors. He then posted the Class schedule and spoke of the upcoming classes in the next several weeks and ended by saying that Blake Hoard was no longer available to teach the upcoming Android class on Monday April 15th but that Dan Craig was going to take his place for that date only. He ended by saying that the Computer Club was in dire need of additional Instructors to help fill the needs of the club class schedule and topics. The search for a Android Instructor and others would continue! Kathy is going to put out info on the CFG Global Free Learning Website for all computer club members to access for self help instruction.

Treasurer’s Report: Al Churgin gave the Treasurer's Report

February Beginning Balance   $3683.86                     March Beginning Balance    $3543.86

Income from Dues/Dividend          80.00                     Income from Dues/Dividend     100.82

Expenses                                     220.00                     Expenses                                     0.00
Ending Balance                        $3543.86                     Ending Balance 3/31/2019  $3644.68
Paid Members                                 67                                                   Paid Members 69
The next General Meeting would be on Thursday June 13th. followed by a Tech Help Workshop.

Kathy provided some cookies for the attendees to enjoy before moving on to the Tech Help Workshop for the remainder of the alloted time.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:50 A.M. Lou Adler Sec.

SAVCC General Meeting Minutes  Feb 14, 2019  

SAVCC General Meeting Minutes  Dec 13, 2018 9:30 A.M. Willow Room, Aspen Clubhouse
Meeting Called to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Recognition of first-time attendees and of “retiring” and continuing instructors.
No first time attendees. Lynn will not be a instructor next year but will continue as a Director. Dan will return as a Instructor-Director next year. Rich thanked all Officers, Instructors and Directors for their help and service in 2018.

Reflections on the Christmas party and awarding of raffle prizes.
Nellie Sondheim, Sharon Owings and Nancy Engelke sent Kathy a special e-mail thanking her and complimenting her on the Christmas Dinner Party. Karen Butler and Ruth Herek were the winners of a free 2019 SAVCC Club Membership.

Minutes of November General Meeting are posted on the website.

Website home page was put on the screen and the 2019 class schedule was discussed.
On December 17 at 9:30 a.m. - “A Travel Journal through Digital Photos with Kathy” will be the Basic Digital Photography subject. She will discuss the equipment she used to make a video of her vacation trip thru Greece and Italy. Rich asked if their were any special subjects that were wanted/needed in 2019? He mentioned that he had asked Blake Howard if he would do a Android class but their has been no response to this as of this date. Dan will take over the Windows 10 and Basics and Beyond classes for 2019.

Treasurer’s Report: By Al Churgin

November Beginning Balance          $3599.64              

Income from Dues and/or Dividend      375.00

Expenses                                                63.24
Ending Balance                                 $3911.40

Paid Members 2018   91

Voting for 2019 Computer Club slate of officers and directors. Rich made out a secret written voter ballot this year which was a change to how it was done in the past and was more fun to do.
President:  Rich Norton, Vice President:  Kathy Van Velzen,  Secretary:  Lou Adler, Treasurer:  Al Churgin

Directors: Lynn Oberhelman, RG Hill, Mary Deavilan, Dan Craig, David Ellison

Next General Meeting/Computer Help Thursday, Feb 14, 2019 Valentines DayQuestion/Answer—Comments

Meeting Adjourned at 9:51A.M. Lou Adler Sec.

After a five (5) minute break the Computer I-Phone/Pad Help took up the remainder of the meeting scheduled time.​

SAVCC GENERAL MEETING MINUTES              November 15, 2018       9:30 A.M.
Meeting started with the Pledge of  Allegiance.
There was no General Meeting in September or October 2018.
Treasurers report by Al Churgin for August, thru October 2018.
                                                      August                  September              October
Beginning Balance                      $3550.60               $3580.36                 $3599.64
Income from Dues/Dividends     $    40.00               $    40.82                 $      0.00
Expenses                                      $    10.24              $     21.54                 $     0.00      
Ending Balance                           $ 3580.36              $3599.64                 $3599.64 
Paid Members                                     89                        91                             91

President Rich Norton was not available so VP  Kathy VanVelzen conducted the meeting.

Kathy started off by thanking Dan Craig, Lynn Oberhelman & Al Churgin for all the
hard work updating all the computers between the dates of October 16 thru 18.   They
did experience a lot of problems mostly due to the fluctuation of the Internet Service 
and they are currently trying to help the HOA resolve the issue.    She also explained the 
large amount of planning needed to be done by the SAVCC Board to set up the class dates,

variety of class topics and Instructors to instruct the class.    She finished off by 
saying that all Charter Club Presidents and Treasurers meet with the HOA Board
earlier this week to set up and finalize the 2019 SAVCC Schedule.    So far the only
change was moving the 2019 Christmas Dinner from December 5th. Back to December
4th.   She mentioned that instructors are needed and would like to have a Android class
next year if we could find somebody to teach the class.
She reminded everybody about the upcoming Christmas Dinner on December 6th. Was
free to 2018 Paid Members and guests will be charged $15.00.    Last day to RSVP is 
December 1st.   Their will be a couple of Items Raffled Off.    She ended by telling
all in attendance that the General Meetings were open to all Sun City Residents.

Current 2018 Board Members were posted for viewing.          Board Positions posted for nomination for year 2019
President           Rich Norton                                                    President 
Vice President   Kathy Van Velzen                                           Vice President 
Treasurer           Al Churgin                                                      Treasurer 
Secretary           Lou Adler                                                        Secretary
Directors    Lynn Oberhelman, RG Hill,  Mary Deavilan            Director
Advisor      Dan Craig                                                                Advisor

David Ellison volunteered for the position of Director.     No other Nominations!

Instructors for 2018                                                   Instructors for 2019
Kathy VanVelzen                                                         Kathy VanvVelzen
Lynn Oberhelman                                                        Open
Dan Madsen                                                                Open
Robert Ross                                                                 Robert Ross
Al Churgin                                                                    Al Churgin 
Joan Mulcare                                                               Joan Mulcare
                                                                                     Dan & Lori Craig

Kathy said that Instructors were really needed to help the Computer Club continue to provide these classes in the future.

The SAVCC Class Schedule was posted on the screen and Kathy talked about the classes   
remaining for the rest of 2018.

She reminded everybody about the Christmas Party and Last day to RSVP was Dec. 1st. And  BYOB,
also, that they could put their dues Payment or X-Mas dinner payment in BOX #B.       On Dec. 17th.
She would fill the Basic Photo time slot talking about Basic  Photo Equipment and finish with a video of her trip to Greece & Italy.

She finished by saying that in 2019 the club would try to do (1) one big maintenance most likely in the 
middle of the year and the rest of the time rotate the computers and do maintenance during scheduled classes.   Also, she explained that while the HOA now own the Computers the Club still maintains 
them and is responsible for some of the costs to keep them updated.


Judy Hilton said that she and some of her neighbors would like to see a Very Basic Computer-IPH/Pad
Classed in 2019 as they lack many skills needed to operate the equipment other than Basic E-Mail.

Meeting Adjourned 10:10 A.M.                             Lou Adler


​SAVCC GENERAL MEETING MINUTES                                                                         August 16, 2018 9:30 A.M.

Meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members present were reminded that there were no SAVCC General Meetings in June or July. May General Meeting Minutes were submitted May 17th and posted on the SAVCC Website for their information.

Rich posted on the screen the names & positions of all current Board Members and Instructors.

Treasurers report by Al Churgin For May thru July 2018

                                                                                  May                      June                      July 
Beginning Balance.                                             $ 3474.17             $ 3449.82               $ 3530.60
Income from Dues/Dividends                                    40.00                    80.78                      20.00

Expenses                                                                     64.35                      0.00                        0.00
Ending Balance                                                    $ 3449.82             $ 3530.60               $ 3550.60
Paid Members                                                             82                         86                         87
Rich brought up the SAVCC Website Page and briefly went over the August & September Class Schedule also the Resource and Miscellaneous Resource Page.

Board Members R G Hill and Mary Deavilan asked the audience if the Computer Club was meeting the needs of the Community and what type of classes would they like in 2019?

A brief question & answer session followed.

Lynn asked for a show of hands of those needing help for the Technology Help session immediately following the General Meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:40 A.M. Lou Adler Sec.

SAVCC GENERAL MEETING MINUTES                                                                              May 17, 2018 9:32 A.M.

Meeting started with the Pledge Of Allegiance.

All members present were reminded that there was no SAVCC General Meeting in March or April.

All Club Officers were Introduced. It was mentioned that Director R.G. Hill had been sick and was wished a speedy recovery.

All members were advised that the February General Meeting Minutes were submitted February 19th. and are posted on the SAVCC Website for their information.

Treasurers report by Al Churgin for April 2018.
Beginning Balance   $3799.23
Income, Dues               110.00
Expenses                     435.06
Ending Balance        $3474.17
Paid Members 80

SAVCC Website Hits February 2275, March 2099, April 2925

SAVCC Schedule-Other Info
The SAVCC Class Schedule was shown and the up coming classes May thru June were discussed. It was mentioned that the other important information that could be found on the Website. The club also has a Kiosk in the Aspen Lodge that has Class Schedule Flyers and other info but will be removed the end of June. (The new #4 Lock box assigned to the club can only be used for 30 days at a time & will end May 31st.) Rich will discuss this issue at the Presidents meeting on Friday May 18th.

Special thanks were given to Kathy and all other members and participants for their help with the PC/Mac Sun City Website Class on May 10. Also, special thanks was given to Kathy for her hard work keeping up the class schedule and putting the info out to the SAVCC Members.


Dan Craig brought up the subject that the HOA Board is looking at the financial status of all clubs with high monthly balances most specifically the computer club. Dan, Lynn, David Ellison and John Deili all thought that the high balance was justified as to the fact when Microsoft comes out with new software that we need to buy to update the computers the money is available and 26 computers adds up to a lot of money. It takes time to build this fund up so it is available when needed (the computers are the property of the HOA & they are responsible for replacing them.) We need to be prepared to give answers if/when the time comes.

Dan also mentioned that the other clubs are using a new financial spreadsheet that is not protected. Al advised that he is still using the old club financial spreadsheet which is protected and will continue to use it unless told not to.

Kathy asked Dan if he would attend the next board meeting August 13th to discuss the financial issue further.

Meeting adjourned 9:55 A.M. Lou Adler Sec.

Thank you Kathy for the Cookies we ate during the Five Minute Intermission.

The remainder of the time was used to assist Members with Computer, iPhone, iPad issues.
THANK YOU Rich Norton, Lynn Oberhelman, Kathy VanVelzen & Al Churgin

                                                                                                                                    Minutes posted on 5/19/18