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WannaCry ransomware: Everything you need to know                    (posted 5/15/2017)
WannaCry Ransomware - Everything you need to know.pdf


Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows                               (posted 1/18/17)


5 free open source alternatives to Microsoft Office (posted 12/6/16)

5 free open source alternatives to Microsoft Office.pdf


How to stop animated GIFs in Chrome and Firefox (posted 12/6/16)

How to stop animated GIFs in Chrome and Firefox.pdf

Every Thing You Need To Know About Windows 10 Recovery Drives   (posted 11/14/16)

Everything you need to know about Windows 10 recovery drives.pdf

How to Use File Explorer in Windows 8 
A guide on how to save files in Windows 8 and how to find them again.
Click below to download and view this 3 page PDF document. 
Windows 8.1 File Explorer  175.1 KB 

PC Resource for Photo Resizing 
Link to the Fotosizer website (PC only - mentioned at 2/14/12 meeting) 
Click below to go to fotosizer website:  

Making a Music CD in Windows 7             (posted May 6, 2013)
This helpful 5 page PDF document provides detailed instructions on how to copy a music CD or create your own CD from multiple CD’s using the Windows Media Player in Windows 7. Click below to view document:Making_a_Music_CD_Windows_7.pdf  822.9 KB

PC Maintenance Tips         (posted 1/15/15)
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Windows 8 Keyboards Shortcuts :             (posted 3/10/15)
MS Office - Shortcut Key Reference:
8.1 Using System Restore in Windows 8                               (posted 4/16/15) 

Restoring from a System Image Backup in Windows 8


Preparing to Upgrade to Windows 10         

(posted 1/18/16)

Windows 7 YouTube Videos
Creating a System Image Backup in Windows 7

Windows 8.1 YouTube Videos

Creating a Recovery Drive in Windows 8


Creating a System Image Backup in Windows 8


How to Quickly Image and Restore your computer using Windows 7 Built-in Tools


How to Back Up your computer files in Windows 7